Body-psychotherapy with John Leigh Dent

Heart, Body and Touch Evenings                      Deepening intimacy with yourself and others

 Facilitated by John Leigh Dent with Astrid Schroeder

13th Dec 2019 31st Jan, 6th March, 3rd Apr and 1st May 2020

7.00PM - 10.00PM

The Gasworks Studio. St Werburghs, Bristol. BS2 9XB


Would you like more nourishing contact in your life?

Is your relationship lacking vitality?

Would you like to know more about conscious touch?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then why not come and experience an evening of contactful touch to replenish your heart and body. The type of touch we will be exploring will be sensual, nourishing, nurturing and holding. The focus will not be on sexual touch.

Themes over the evenings will include, movement, boundaries, giving and receiving touch, sharing and creativity.

No experience is necessary but a willingness to engage with your own process is essential.  

Booking is necessary to attend any evening.

Early bird - £15.00 (Low income -  £12.00)

(Early bird prices end 3 weeks before each even) 

Standard £20.00 (Low income £15.00

Special offer - 4 eves for £45.00 (low income £36)



The Heart, Body and Touch evenings are a wonderful opportunity for both couples and singles  to explore touch in a safe and contained space. These evenings  will focus on touch that is nurturing, nourishing, sensual, heart-felt, holding  or whatever touch is right for you. There will be no focus on sexual touch. 

Generally speaking we are, as a culture, touch deprived and this lack of touch massively affects our mental and physical well being.  Touch  is such an important part of who we are,  particularly touch that is connected to the heart.  Touch can be one of the most intimate forms of contact we can have. Being in control, choosing the type of touch and asserting clear boundaries are some of the things that turn a potential minefield into a source of healing, nourishment and enrichment.

Each evening will be structured, starting with making sure everyone has clear sense of boundaries, going into some movement and body awareness  and then the  main portion of the eve will offer you a chance to explore touch.  All the exercises are clearly explained and demonstrated when necessary. The evening will be interspersed with spaces to check-in within small groups and pairs to help process anything that surfaces.

By the end of the evening you can expect to leave feeling nourished, replenished and open hearted.

These evenings area great way to enhance your sense of contact to your deeper self or connection to another. Singles, couples, young, mature, straight, gay, all shape and sizes are welcome.   No experience is necessary but a willingness to engage with your own process is essential.

We have a maximum number of 20 spaces. These evening do tend to become full and  have a reasonably balanced gender ratio. We don't allow entry on the door without prior booking.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to book a place  please contact me.

Astrid is a somatic movement educator (ISEMETA). mindfulness teacher (CMRP) and creative dance facilitator (JD, USA) with background in dance and somatic well being. Her works is grounded and informed by the main somatic pioneers, Buddhist and analytical psychology, as well as a wide range of other modalities. For more info see