Body-psychotherapy with John Leigh Dent

                    Dynamic Nature Alignment 


Welcome to Dynamic Nature Alignment (DNA): a unique way of  exploring and working to resolve personal problems.       


What is Dynamic Nature Alignment?

DNA goes beyond the clinical setting and into the natural world where nature becomes a dynamic ally.  In nature we have the opportunity to tune into a bigger sense of who we are, shifting identity from something separate to something that is part of a whole. This shift also allows an  openness to a 'not knowing' and  enables powerful insights (mirrors) to get through without the 'know it all' bit of the brain" getting in the way.

                                                   Wild Mirrors

Like mirrors, the outer (environment, animals, other people etc.) and the inner (mind, spirit, body) are in constant relationship with each other. We use examples  of 'wild mirrors'  everyday such as in metaphors, resonance, projection, intuition, transference, synchronicity and symbolism. Wild mirrors bring into awareness hidden aspects of the psyche that can then be creatively explored in a way that enables a transition through to the next stage of your personal journey. DNA involves magical thinking.

                   What kind of problems can DNA work with? 

Most people who come to DNA are looking to make some changes and yet though change is constantly happening, the difficulty is actually making sense of the change. Through deeper wholistic awareness, you can learn to ride the waves rather than feeling crushed by them. All issues hold something we can learn from, the difficulty is daring to look into these 'wild mirrors' and face what it is we need to learn. In DNA problems are not denied nor necessarily over identified with but rather engaged with, learnt from to the point where we can then move forward. 

                                         Why outdoors? 

There are many reasons for exploring issues outdoors. Here are some reasons why people choose  DNA.

  • Nature was/is a big part of your life and connects you to areas you wish to explore more deeply
  • You need some healing around/or are drawn to a particular space
  • An element of nature (animal, intuition, death/change, feelings etc.) causes you anxiety
  • You wish to connect more with nature and your intuition
  • You feel restricted by the clinical setting
  • You wish to see someone who has both a psychological and spiritual understanding
  • You're curious and want to try something different

                                                                    What do I offer?

In DNA the outdoors become a medicinal space, held in a supportive way so that you can explore whatever surfaces. The direction a session takes depends on what you bring. As well as my intuition, I offer skills I have gathered over the years through trainings and experience. As well as body-psychotherapy trainings, my studies go from astrology and the esoteric through to country side management and gardening.

               How many sessions?

Sessions can be a few or as many as you require. The amount of sessions will be discussed in the consultation. If desired, sessions can be punctuated with indoor sessions to add extra containment where this may feel necessary. All initial outdoor sessions require a pre-indoor consultation.


Sessions take place around Stroud and Bristol

             The weather

If potentially disruptive weather is forecast (Thunder, lightning, torrential downpour, snow etc.) late cancellations are acceptable. What  types of weather you are wiling to commit to will be discussed in the consultation.