Body-psychotherapy with John Leigh Dent

Somatic Body-Psychotherapy workshop


This workshop is for member of CAPPP (counsellors and psychotherapists in private practice)  only. 

CAPPP members free anual gathering 

Venue: The Engineers House, Bristol. BS8 

Saturday. 12th October 2019 10.30AM - 12.00 midday.  

Touch in psychotherapy can feel like a minefield,  it is often avoided and seen as a taboo.  Along with this, counsellors can get stuck in feeling too comfortable and safe in sessions by being glued to the chair and words when movement can sometimes offer clients a different perspective on a particular dilemma. Though obviously talking is a powerful and useful way of expressing and understanding the psyche, It is useful to feel comfortable with inviting non verbal contact into the space.  Whether this is to explore preverbal issues,  putting a hand on a clients back as support or allowing space for the release of intense emotions that have got stuck in verbosity.

Working with the body in sessions is a powerful way of working with material that may not otherwise be available to work with through words alone. The body tells a story that the cognitive mind can’t always recall and to reach it we need to engage with the body’s memory.

In this workshop you get the opportunity to explore how you can bring movement and touch as a possible part of your practice.

We will also look at when touch is invasive and inappropriate.